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Canadian Air Force CF 18 Flying Over Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

The planes actually made 2 passes over the track.

They sounded glorious.

This photo, is from the second pass that they made. As soon as they got over the main grandstand, they went ballistic and pulled up into the sky in a vertical climb and disappeared into the clouds above.

It was the proper way to start the Grand Prix du Canada.

The CF-18 began entering service with the Royal Canadian Air Force back in 1982, so these are old planes. Not to worry, they have been receiving upgrades as time and defense budgets allow, but there is no hiding that these are old planes.

No, the F-35 is not a suitable replacement for this plane, at all.

I should have known that they would fly some fast movers over head since the RCAF had a nice setup at the track. They had this demonstrator/ training unit? setup for people to look inside of and even climb into.

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